Forgive Pain Accept Love meditation at Cassadaga, Fl

Here is a humble offering for those of us who keep the memory of painful past experiences alive by dwelling on them. This becomes a repeated pattern, a loop of behavior- a rhythmic pattern of memory. This happens to us unexpectedly and becomes a pervasive part of our daily consciousness. But it is not real. It is only thought. The drum groove can change the patterning, opening up an opportunity for positive new events. Remember to treat the process gently with compassion for our own being as well as compassion for whatever we are releasing.
Cassadaga lake Buddy Helm

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Marathon Drumming to save America

We’re doing our part at Seasons on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.
Starting this Thursday, Jan 16 we will be drumming everyday with the intention of turning this economy around and making a better place for everyone to live, love and thrive. Come on by and share the groove or check in at Get on the groove with us in your area and let the good vibes roll!

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Sailboat Drumming Dolphin Cruise this Sunday!

Sailboat Buddy
FRIDAY, Jan 9, 2009
Longhouse on 49th St. in Gulfport
ST. Petersburg 7pm $25
We will drum, meditate, groove, heal, sing, and laugh.
(I might even play a few songs off my new album: “You Don’t Have to be Forgiven”)
Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp
North of Orlando on I 4
4pm Healing Spirit Drum Clinic
This is a powerful one! Privates available after workshop.
Drumming in Sunday Church Service at Cassadaga 10:30 AM
Sailboat Drumming Dolphin Cruise @ 4:30 SHARP!
leaving from St. Pete Beach Dolphin Plaza, Dolphin Landings727-360-7411
The rest of the time I will be drumming with Hecate or doing private sessions. call me if you want one.
Happy New Year Everybody!

steady beat

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You Don’t Have to be Forgiven with yet another reworked bridge

Thank-you for the feedback on my bridge. I was rewriting it anyway. So here is yet another version. I might change it again. Light and love to you. Courage to change the things that I can, Wisdom to know the difference. Reworking dreams is a life long project.

“You Don’t Have to Be Forgiven” with a new bridge. I shot the video on Dec. 29, 2008 at Santa Monica Pier, California. It was a balmy night, very nice. If you happened to be with someone you could cuddle up with on the beach.

Here is a rewrite. Jan 5

The most recent version with another rewritten bridge: Jan 7

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January Florida Events

Merry Christmas and Happy new year everybody!

We will be drumming at Seasons in Santa Monica, California

Friday Dec. 26, Tuesday Dec. 30, Friday, Jan. 2, then Tuesday Jan. 6.

at 7 til 9 pm $20

Then I will fly to Tampa on Wednesday Jan. 7.

Friday, Jan. 9 we will be at the Longhouse in Gulfport, in south St. Petersburg

Starting at 7 til 9 $25

The Longhouse
in Gulfport
2309 49th St S
Gulfport, FL 33707
(727) 322-5766

7 til 9 $20

Then Saturday, at Cassadaga Spiritualist Community

healing and drumming day workshop at 4 pm  $10

Drum and heal at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp starting about 4, with private sessions that can be scheduled with Pat: 386-228-3171. $20 for twenty minutes of one-on-one drum therapy.

The groups will start about 4.

Sunday Morning, I will be drumming in the church service.

Sunday at 4:30 We will set sail for dolphin Fullmoon drumming cruise on St. Pete Beach at Dolphin Plaza, located at the Dolphin Landings dock. $50. $40 if you have gone out before


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Drumming jam at Seasons on Montana, Santa Monica, California

We have been drumming at Seasons for over twenty years. Tuesday and Friday nights. 7 til 9 pm Pacific time.

Go to to check out the live streaming events and the archives.

Buddy Helm jamming at Seasons

Buddy Helm jamming at Seasons

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Open House drumming live! Montana Ave. Santa Monica

Here we are again! a 20 year tradition! Drumming for Open House at Seasons, 1021-A Montan Avenue, Santa Monica CA the most unusuaul gift store! 310-395-1965
Watch live video from Buddy Helm Drumming on

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Old picture requests from Vince Martin

Vince Martin asked to see some old pics of me. Vince recorded a hit song back in 1957 ; “Cindy, Oh Cindy” and he also sang duet with the incredible Fred Neil on the “Tear Down the Walls” folk album. Vince worked in Coconut Grove, Miami with my band, Bethlehem Asylum and we played together at the Grove Pub, and also did a great soundtrack for a ABC documentary called, “They care for the Land” about the Everglades, produced by Steve Fleischman  Vince currently lives in Brooklyn. I probably got some fact wrong here Vince, so clue me in. I got to play on Vince’s album at Capitol records in 1972. My first session gig in L.A. Van Dyke Parks, Eric Hord, lots of cool folks on that one. “If the Jasmine don’t get you, the Baybreeze will.”

Buddy Helm in the “Wavettes” Drum and Baton Corps 1960. Elkhart, Indiana

drumcorp buddy helm
Buddy Helm Drum Sargeant Florida 1963


I got back to LA the other night and I went down to Canter’s Deli Sunday night to sit in and sing some original songs on Open Mic night. Bob Stone was with me, he was reminiscing about when he had been the road manager for the Chambers Brothers. Joe and Willie Chambers showed up when I was on stage!. It was a cool reunion.

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November Full Moon sailboat dolphin cruise was a blast!

Don’t forget to sign for August 09 cruise in Bimini, 4 days, drumming, swimming with wild Spotted Dolphins!

buddy sitting sailboat

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November Full Moon drumming, Thursday 13

Full Moon Dolphin Sailboat drumming cruise

We had a great time drumming on Capt. Dan’s 51 foot sailboat. We saw some big manta rays, and the full moon was awesome!

Sign up for the November Full moon! It’s a blast! November 13, Thursday

Sunday, August 17 6:30 til 10PM $50, 440 return

To Reserve:
Dolphin Landings Charter boats
4737 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, Fl. 33706


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