Healing Drum sessions

I have become very busy with the drumming as a healing tool. I am on staff at Bridges to Recovery, a prestigious recovery house here in Santa Monica and I provide healing drum sessions in our store, Seasons on Montana in Santa Monica. The slow steady pulses of the downbeat soothe the inner turmoil, relax the fears, alleviate anxieties and balance internal chemistry creating mental equilibrium. It has become a proven health benefit and helps many people .

We can perform live healing drum events with anyone using Skype. We can also send healing drum energy to you during our weekly drumming meditation workshops that stream live on youtube at Russell Buddy Helm. These occur three times a week; Tuesday and Friday at 7 PM and Sunday at 3 pm Pacific time.

The healing drum therapies have proven to be of help in many situations; self esteem, anger, addiction, depression, bipolar, high blood pressure, cancer survivors, autism, and many other conditions.

email for further help:  Buddy@buddyhelm.com

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