Let the Goddess Dance/Drumming the Spirit to Life CD

Let the Goddess Dance /Drumming the Spirit to Life CD


“Let The Goddess Dance” was the original title of the first book finally called “Drumming the Spirit to Life” on Llewellyn Worlddwide. This book and CD were originally produced and self-published in 1997, then published by Llewellyn in 2000.

This is the first CD of healing drumming that I created and it is a very good one! The engineer was Steve Sanzo, a great recording engineer and producer in Eagle Rock, California. I have an overrun pressing of the collector version that was included in the original book printing.

The songs are airy clear hand drum ensemble pieces with exotic percussion. The last two songs are full musical arrangements with vocals, drumset, keyboards, guitar and percussion.

The CD can be signed by the artist if you would like, dedicated to you.

Let The Goddess Dance CD by Russell Buddy Helm

Let The Goddess Dance CD by Russell Buddy Helm

01 Salome clip

02 Power Tools clip

03 Fertile Delta clip

04 Mountain Thunder clip

05 Night Path clip

06 Drum Dance clip

07 Spirits Around You clip

08 Let The Goddess Dance clip


Drumming the Spirit to LifeĀ  CDs

This is also a replacement audio CD of “Let the Goddess Dance”

$15 plus tax and shipping($3.00)

“Let the Goddess Dance/Drumming the Spirit to Life” CD

originally published on Llewellyn Worldwide, Now on Immanion Press London

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