January 2018
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“Your store told me to come in.”

“Your store told me to come in.” Is a refrain we hear a lot. From different kinds of people. Not just ethnic gift buyers, but also Millenials with their green drinks, city employees from SMPD and SMFD. Local trophy wives with their trophy children. The older SM residents who know us and smile as they […]


“Decline of Western Civilization” pics

“Decline of Western Civilization” punk music documentary 1980 by Penelope Spheeris. I was in the Mosh Pit at Club 88 in West LA., minding my own business listening to the music, “X” was playing, but some poser wanted to drink my beer. I had to straighten him out.

I guess I was a fixture […]

Paradiddle Meditation

Drumming to Alleviate Digital Neurosis

Drumming to alleviate Digital Neurosis The rate of change in our digital culture is increasing exponentially. Our personal operating systems are speeding up to match the faster devices. People talk faster, brains try to process faster. Our bodies are driven to go faster. All of this leads to illness if we are not paying attention. […]

New Grooves

“I’ll tell you when to Invade Cuba!”

Papa John was our “manager” of sorts. Bethlehem Asylum was ensconced in a big South Florida coral rock mansion, living the life of rock stars in Coconut Grove. Papa John appeared in our lives from out of nowhere, but he took care of us in interesting ways. He was a formidable physical opponent, so we […]

New Years Eve Drumming

Happy New Year 2018 from Cathy and Buddy