7 Essential Grooves

“7 Essential Grooves” CD and DVD is an on-going development of world wide common rhythms that are used for trance, meditation, healing and manifesting and release.

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June 9, 2011

Psychotherapy is like trying to fix your car while you are driving it.

What is needed is a way to disassociate in a healthy way from the emergency oriented intellect. Rhythm is the tool. By getting the attention of the intellect by using specific rhythms, we can slow it down to a meditative state or just to the normal healthy level of attention.

Rhythm slowing down is the key.

The missing ingredient in therapy is the capacity to slow down. It is abhorrent to the mind to slow down. It is equated with losing, failing, inferiority, weakness. etc…When people slow down their drumming they play softer. Why is that? It is a learned belief. It has nothing to do with reality.

Stay strong when you are slowing down

I tell the patient and myself. Repeatedly.Gently- with the groove relaxing and slowing down but still keeping a good feel.

Dot just any drum will do

The patterns must be able to sustain the healing energy while it slows down. Most rhythms do not do that. The 7 Essential Grooves are an on-going distillation of what rhythms work in a variety of ways for healing, meditation, manifesting, releasing, therapeutic, stress reduction, dancing, fun, joy, funk, etc.

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