November 2014
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Halloween Drumming 10.31.14

Separating the “I” from the anxiety

As we drum, steady at about 40 beats a minute, hit the middle downbeat lowtone every beat, then get a high edge note on the upbeat in between the downbeats. You will notice the difficulty in staying steady. If you are listening to a metronome while you do this it might be very challenging. The critical mind is very active and distracts us from the steady beat. This creates anxiety which is the end result of an ancient survival imperative hardwired into our DNA; We have to be in synch with the environment in order to survive. Now slow the beat down just a tad. Turn off your metronome if you are using one. As you let the beat slow down just a little, you will feel the groove happen. This is a physical sensation but it has universal repercussions. As we settle into this laid back groove, we notice that the anxiety has dissipated somewhat. Actually, we witness that “I” is not the anxiety. Our focus is on hitting the nice downbeat groove but we witness the critical mind going through its habitual changes. We are not our critical mind.

Inter Alien Wars

The Inter Alien Wars were like a bad divorce with the parents arguing over the child. Earth was the child. The wars began when humans finally accepted the fact that they were being exploited and had enough. They purged what they could, based more on political expediency rather than blood purity. A lot of aliens had cut pretty good deals with the earthlings concerning resources, but the one bug was the genetic material. That had to stop. No more shipping human cells off to another planet to make slave races for the gods. Humans became a registered trademark in the galactic confederation.

excerpt: “Prophesies of the Groove.” Russell Buddy Helm ©2014 all rights reserved .

Groove Food for the Soul 10.24.14

Drumming and food go together; Inspiration and appreciation. Angels dance and sing and eat the offerings. Good luck for all.

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Rhythmic Vaccine

The virus we are getting are mental. Fight them with the groove. Survive with healthy mental habits initiated by meditation drumming. Overriding the critical mind when it is running an inappropriate app that impinges on personal performance using gentle healing rhythms that forgive and release tension and fear. Fear can be shown to be non real, just by slowing down the tempo of your groove. The critical mind is constantly being fooled by rhythmic repetition creating fear, but our sense of rhythm is wise beyond time.

The Source on Sunset Strip

The Source on Sunset Strip was a health food restaurant back in the seventies, run by a big white bearded guy named Father Yod, who had a commune full of white robed kids, mostly runaways, in a big mansion up in the Hollywood Hills. He reminded me of Odin. Talking a good spiritual rap for the kids and the tourists. He had a meditation chamber built off to the side of his restaurant in the gravel parking lot. Inside this meditation room would sit maybe a dozen of his acolytes, rapt, hanging on every word from the old coot. He had a rep as being a short fuse; had done time for killing his wife and her lover. A real hustler dressed in white robes. I liked his gong. It was the first really big gong I had experienced and I saw its effect on the unsuspecting initiates into The Father’s cult. He hammered that thing and the room vibrated. That’s when I realized how easy it was to convince people to follow some crackbrained maniac using vibration. He eventually moved his scene to Hawaii where he crashed in a hang glider. He asked his followers to take him to the hospital because it seemed he had a broken back. They all agreed that this was just one more test from their teacher father figure. They showed that they believed in his divine nature and that he could easily heal himself. He died.


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drumming through challenges

Momentum from a steady groove with a solid downbeat can get us through hard times like a sailing ship through rough waters. Keep dancing. It’ll be alright.