December 2016
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Seasons 29 annual Holiday drumming on Montana Ave in Santa Monica

Turkey Grooves

Drumming as Performance Art

Drumming as Performance Art
In the Seventies and Eighties,
the Fine Art world was
into Performance and
Conceptual art. Many rituals and
events took place in art galleries.
What I perceived stuck with me.
Now, the performance art with
drumming groups has an element
that previous Fine Art performance
art could not allow it self to have;
spiritual or inspirational content.
I saw a hunger for deeper
content in the attendees at those
performance art events. But the
Fine Art world felt uncomfortable
with that. Now we drum.

Supermoon Drumming

Flam Tripolet fills on drumset rudiment

Halloween weekend Santa Monica


Halloween Drumming on the Sidewalk at Seasons 29 years

Halloween Sidewalk Drumming at Seasons Monday Oct. 31 Downbeat at 3pm.

Live stream! Costumes welcome
1021-A Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403


Cognitive rhythm exercise for brain smiling

Cognitive rhythm exercises

Three note combinations change brain patterning, resulting in a change in the belief system, triggering positive personality shifts. Low note in the center (the downbeat), then the next note out at the edge of the drumhead with the OTHER hand. Then following up with another edge note with the other hand which is hopefully the hand you started with. Then following immediately with another downbeat tone in the middle of the drumhead with the consecutive hand. Never playing two notes with the same hand in a row. After that low downbeat tone with what is probably your less dominant hand, then hit an edge note with the other hand, then final edge note with the opposite hand from which you started the whole sequence with. Repeat in slow time. This creates a flowing cooperation between brain hemispheres, that result in a feeling of well being in the participant. This pattern played as a six note phrase is common in all indigenous cultures as a powerful ceremonial and ritual dance. In America it is the Blues, march music, American Native, also African Rhumba, Afro Cuban, Celtic, Mediterranean, Brazilian, etc. This six beat is the foundation rhythm for the heartbeat. By mastering this sequence of notes, the brain makes cognitive realizations that impact the belief system and behavior. When the brain witnesses its own interference with doing this simple action, it accepts that it has to change itself. That is why it is important to do this exercise SLOWLY, so as not to create anxiety. The feeling is subtle but there can be a sense of the brain smiling.

excerpt: “History of the Groove” book two

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Warning for “History of the Groove”

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