July 2017
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All folks need rhythmic nutrition

All folks need rhythmic nutrition
Its just like food. But more. Movement and rhythm are the basic building blocks of life. Using them, generates them. Rhythm generates movement. Movement generates rhythm. Being within that cycle assures us that we are on the upward climb toward consciousness. It is about bringing intention to movement. Life blooms on its own, but we bring consciousness to the event of life. And it is a circus too, hence the drum.

Jimi on Drums

Chaz Chandler, organ player from The Animals, brought Jimi to London. Got him hooked up with management and started putting a band together.The British scene had sterilized the blues. Jimi ‘sat in’ at the Bag O’ Nails with Cream and blew Clapton off the stage. The word was out. Jimi was a real live authentic African/American (referred to as Negro in the English press), Blues guitarist. He scored the British military jacket on Carnaby Street. It was a red flag to the police. He caught some flak wearing it out, accompanied by his white girlfriend. Jimi knew what he wanted in a drummer. There were lots of auditions. Aynsley Dunbar was a great British Rock drummer, heavy and strong with orchestra fills. But he played without the loose, jazzy blues swing that Jimi needed behind his rhythmic guitar extrapolations. He demonstrated a swing feel on kit. Jimi playing relaxed and smooth, in control. Aynsley was the best, but a bit stiff. Jimi settled on Mitch Mitchel who had been a jazz drummer in London. He could swing. The rest is history.

Turgouise July 4 on Montana Ave

This is the last 12 copies of the second printing of the first book, “Drumming the Spirit to Life”

This is the last 12 copies of the second printing of the first book, “Drumming the Spirit to Life” If you want a signed copy.

Happy Father’s Day Lt. Commander Russell S. Helm

Meditation recovery drumming

Let it flow. This is my office. People come to Bridges to Recovery, and they get better. Meditation drumming helps.


I am making Dolphin Drum Stands! Let me know if you need one.

Drumming in 1966 Surfer’s club, Madeira Beach, FL

Midnight Rider

Midnight Rider. No surprise Brother Gregg passed on Memorial Day weekend. The high holy day of bikers. Motorcycle clubs all over the country go on their runs, sometimes totaling thousands of hogs chugging down the highway, headed for a place where they will have a celebration and listen to their favorite band. The Allman Brothers. The song that sums up the rebel outlaw mystique is “Midnight Rider”. Scrawled on vans across the Deep South. and beyond. It is a legacy and an acknowledgement that we are all rebels, and if we could, we would be rumbling down a lone blacktop road on a vintage stiff tail in the middle of a humid Southern night with Gregg and Duane and Berry, Jamo and Butch and all the rest of the Allman Brothers playing “Midnight Rider” in your inner ear and your heart. Free.

Gregg Allman thank you

Thank you Gregg Allman. You are a force of nature. Rest in Peace.