April 2018
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shaman drum healing workshop

“Gonna be something” @ 1:02:38, “Keep yer Groove”

Rosetta Stone Drumming

By staying steady,
on the groove, we move through our fears, distractions, our delayed stress, teaching our overworked critical mind to relax yet stay in control. We can regain a sense of humor in the groove. We can train our brain to stay the course. This happens when we can be patient enough to just sit in one place and hit the downbeat. Repeatedly. Simply, compassionately. It reconnects all the good things. It is the voice of our soul and it is talking to our intellect in a language that the intellect does not easily understand. So using rhythm and the downbeat as a rosetta stone, the body wisdom communicates to the brain and gets it to care about the world.

Greetings to Oslo, Norway!


“Greetings from Oslo, Norway. I am watching the recording and playing along with you just now! Thank you for these great videos.”

Circle of Souls

Seasons Healing Drum Show

Drumming with Neil and Serbian drummer

Buddy Helm with Gene Krupa 1964

more djembe drumming meditation techniques

Four bar with a fill

Marjory Stoneman Douglas

This wonderful lady lived in Coconut Grove and fought to save the Everglades. Bethlehem Asylum w/ Vince Martin recorded the soundtrack for “Care for the Land” aired on CBS. She created the first eco lobby, Friends of the Everglades, that prevented a jetport from being built in the middle of the Everglades. Remember her for this, please. Marjory Stoneman Douglas.