Helmtone Drum Therapy introduction
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Helmtone Healing Drum Protocols
The Helmtone Healing Drum Protocols is a rhythmic reprogramming system that may possibly change a person’s belief system; alleviating fear, anxiety, trauma, dependency, depression, obsessive/compulsive behavior, grief and other conditions. This rhythmic energetic system may also enhance the quality of life for people with cancer, lupis, hepatitis, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, ADHD, depression, inappropriate anger, low self esteem, strress related issues and other conditions.

Helmtone Protocols Booklet Cover

Helmtone booklet cover

This is a user-friendly process that even non-drummers can learn to do for themselves. The drum is needed but not essential. The rhythmic programming is a unique blend of many different modalities including Neuro linguistic programming, EMDR, affirmations, psychotherapy, zen, rhythm n blues, shamanic drumming, transactional analysis, basic computer programming logic, visualization meditation and other modalities.

The protocols booklet with CD shows how to rhythmically reprogram our belief systems and behavior patterns.


The Helmtone Protocols give quick results

The healing effects of this rhythmic reprogramming process are often immediately apparent. To ensure ethics and quality be sure that the drum therapist has been accredited in the Helmtone Drum therapy process.

Rhythmic reprogramming of our belief system is possible to do on our own. This is not a passive therapy. The client actively does the work and the changes come by the work they do with their own hands. Often, only one session is needed to free the client from unwanted patterns; obsessive behavior, depression, guilt, addictions, self-esteem issues, fear, anger, and other conditions. Actual physical health conditions may sometimes also be helped by conscious, focused, non-aggressive drumming therapy.


If you would like to become a certified Helmtone drum therapy practitioner, contact us at buddy@buddyhelm.com. Please call us at 1-310-650-9438 for scheduling of training sessions in your area or work on-line on an individual basis.


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Included here are sample MP3 clips of the Helmtone Protocols CD.

1. I am a miracle
I am a Miracle!

2. I Forgive Myself
I Forgive Myself

3. I am Free of Guilt
I am free of guilt

4. I am Successful
I am successful

5. I Keep My Power
I Keep My Power

6. Thank-you to my Body
Thank-you to my body

7. I Have Strong Boundaries
I have strong boundaries

8. I Release Sickness
I release sickness

9. I Release Fear
I release Fear

10. I am Unconditional Love
I am unconditional Love

11. You’re Safe Now
You’re safe Now

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