HelmTone music on sale here!

There are many new releases available here and on CDBaby as well as iTunes,  Amazon and Spotify among others. These drumming meditation tracks are popular! I still sell the Martial Arts Drumming here on this site as well as the Protection Drum Prayer CD, 7 Essential Grooves, Shaman Drum Beats, Affirmations in Rock, Shaman Drum Beats and Drumming Affirmations vol 1.



cover for shaman drum beats

Shaman Beat 1 Eagle Dream clip

Shaman Beat 2 Walking Lightly

Shaman Beat 3 Shindo Muso

Shaman beat 4 ancestors

Shaman Beat 5 Funga

Shaman Beat 6 polished Alter Stone

Shaman beat 7 Black Lightening

Shaman Beat 8 Blue Meadow Stream

Shaman Beat 9 Faceted Portal

Shaman Beat 10 Free Of

Shaman Beat 11 Shaman Shuffle

Way of the Drum second edition

Purchase directly from this website: $15 plus $4 shipping and tax.

Or go to CDbaby or Itunes.


Protection Drum Prayers

1. Fountain of Light

2. Fear Not

3. Ganeshe

4. Living in the Light

5. Smooth Sailing

6. Mystic Waltz

7. No Regrets

8. Power Protection

9. We are protected

This music creates a sense of safety and protection. You can play along or enhance your environment with sounds that engender safety, protection, confidence and compassion. The music includes Djembes, congas, drum set, chimes, gongs, and Tibetan ting sha cymbals. Charlie Dechant, a master musician, plays silver flute, saxophone and bamboo flute. He plays with Hall and Oates, Michael McDonald, Average White band, Tina Turner, and others. This is therapeutic, trance, jazz, funk, improvisational, Zen, Rhythm and Blues music.
Total cost with shipping: $20.00

Martial Arts drumming Workout CD with Buddy and Guro Dan Inosanto.
I am very excited to announce the new release of a Martial Arts Drumming CD that has been inspired by the greatest Martial Arts teacher in the world; Guro Dan Inosanto. Dan has taught a blend of many different styles of martial arts to a host of distinguished champions including the Navy Seals, LAPD, SWAT, Special Forces, Military personnel, Homeland Security, Hollywood stars, Special Forces, CIA, and a host of the greatest teachers.Dan Inosanto was Bruce Lee’s partner back in the hey day of karate movies. He appears in many of Bruce Lee’s movies(He is a stick master). Dan also worked with Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee’s son until his untimely death on the set of The Crow.Dan has been studying drums with me for over eight years and is incorporating the rhythm theories into his teaching and into the competition arena of his students and teachers. His insight into how rhythm works and his unbounded enthusiasm for the drum and martial arts has been a gift and a treat for me as a drumming instructor.This new CD is called, “No Second Chance” which embodies the intense commitment to Appropriate Action in both drumming and the martial arts. There were no second chances to overdub a corrected drum pattern-there were NO “punch ins” or second takes or “fixes in the mix”. One chance is all that was allowed on each overdub. That translates into over 280 minutes of spontaneous improvisational drumming with no “mistakes”. This is a wonderful study in meditative drumming that lifts, inspires, motivates and drives the participant to a place of Appropriate Action and Art.
$20.00 plus $4.00 shipping.

Listen to MP3 samples here:

1. Competition War Groove in 4 (Capuera North American)

2. Dan Inosanto Beat (Kali Silat)

3. Hu Bad 3 beats in 4

4. Sumbrada 6 beat Inosanto

5. Kali (3 big Beats in 6)

6. Punio Sumbrada (slow 6 Advanced)

7. Kob Kob Fighting Competition War groove



[…] 2. Martial Arts Drumming with Guro Dan Inosanto […]

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the MARTIAL ARTS DRUMMING cd by Buddy Helm is a fantastic introduction to the power of hand drumming as a training tool. If you have never listened to “martial drumming” while watching trainees sparring with empty hands or weapons, this cd will really open your mind to the possibilities that adding drumming background music to your classes will inspire.

Of course the best thing is for the instructor or an assistant to play a conga drum or djembe drum or timbales while trainees are sparring, but since that is seldom possible in most martial arts schools, the Buddy Helm MARTIAL DRUMMING cd is perhaps the next best thing. Listen to Buddy’s inspired playing on this cd and you will quickly learn why Dan Inosanto wanted to learn how to play hand percussion instruments after hearing buddy play “live” in a training studio setting.

This is the real thing, baby…roots warrior music that hits your limbric brain and won’t let go until you “get up and get moving!” Buy extra copies for your martial arts buddies who may not know about the power of MARTIAL DRUMMING. Hey, if the Dog Brothers are inspired by it, how can YOU do without it.

Herb April / Mambo Arts Today

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