April 2017
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Most Wanted Rock n Rollers

TOP L TO R: Frank Sinatra, Elvis, David Bowie, Johnny Cash CENTER L-R: Jimi Hendrix, Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols), Axl Rose (Guns & Roses), Ozzy Osborne BOTTOM L-R: Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), David Crosby, Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison

Dolphin Swirl: St. Pete Beach full moon drumming cruise


Elvis the stunt fish

Beautiful Fish

Seasons on Montana Avenue, Santa Monica

As Mr. Rogers used to say, “Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Could you, would you…be my friend? Can you say, …Maserati?”

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Can you say…. Ferrari?

Like Mr. Rogers used to say; “Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Can you say…. Ferrari?”

Drum lesson of Clyde Stubblefield’s Cold Sweat Groove

Good bye Chuck Berry and Clyde Stubblefield(James Brown Drummer)

The Last Time I saw Chuck Berry

The last time I saw Chuck Berry was on a television show. I had grown disillusioned with the music biz, or it was afraid of me. it was going corporate and stupid. I was a percussionist with Wolfman Jack’s big band, the world famous DJ. “I’m sick of hanging around idiot musicians. Is there any […]

Chuck looked at me with a perplexed look on his face, “What song are we doin’?”

Chuck Berry turned to me in the middle of his guitar solo with a slightly perplexed look on his face, “What song are we doin’?” I had to think quickly. We had transcended time, space and form, achieving what all great jazz musicians strive for. When the rhythm section is swinging, steady and driving, Chuck […]

Chuck Berry Glared at me.

Chuck Berry glared at me with a sneer on his 44 year old handsome face, and said, “You don’t know what the fuck’s goin’ on, do ya?” I had thrown him a real curve.This was our first gig together, in the Miami Sportatorium. Christian, the great Brahmin jazz pianist was on Wurlitzer electric piano and […]