March 2018
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Four bar with a fill

Marjory Stoneman Douglas

This wonderful lady lived in Coconut Grove and fought to save the Everglades. Bethlehem Asylum w/ Vince Martin recorded the soundtrack for “Care for the Land” aired on CBS. She created the first eco lobby, Friends of the Everglades, that prevented a jetport from being built in the middle of the Everglades. Remember her for […]

Ornamenting the Groove

Ornamenting the Groove In translating the traditional rock and R n B Soul grooves back over to the djembe, I noticed that the youngbloods don’t always understand the phrasing that goes into good soloing. They just bang and don’t set up a steady repeatable phrase first. In traditional foundation Soul drumming the drummer does not […]

Nice vocals, Some explanations of the Helmtone healing drum protocols

full moon drumming 3.2.18

after-birthday drumming meditation 2.20.18

“History of the Groove” audible now available on itunes

“History of the Groove” Audible now available on itunes and at

This is closer to what I think I am going for with the drumming/trance/talking performance. I like how it turned out and plan on doing more!


Drumming for tears

Drumming for tears Two women entered the shop, got to talking. Showed one of them the downbeat while her friend browsed crystals and pendants, swayed by the beat. I got her to sit with a drum on a stand, -relax the knees. She found the groove, settled in while I rattled on, riffing off the […]

“Your store told me to come in.”

“Your store told me to come in.” Is a refrain we hear a lot. From different kinds of people. Not just ethnic gift buyers, but also Millenials with their green drinks, city employees from SMPD and SMFD. Local trophy wives with their trophy children. The older SM residents who know us and smile as they […]