A note about Dr. Wilhelm Reich and drumming

May 17, 2013

There has been a lot of progress with the HelmTone healing drum Protocols. I  have been busy but  I received some new subscribers and I also felt that it was time to replenish the energy in this private section of the blog.

The drum is like a battery. You need to play it to recharge the energy in the battery and in yourself. This refers back to Wilhelm Reich’s work with Orgone Therapy dating back to the 1950′s. He discovered the life force in a scientific and quantifiable way. He described it in his lab notes as a blue white light that surrounded and infused all living cells. The orgone energy is his term for the life force. The drum generates life force. Dr. Reich created a box called the Orgone accumulator where the patient would sit inside and gather life force into their system. The box was lined with animate and inanimate material that would attract amounts of orgone and store it inside the box. This is much like what the djembe drum does….


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