As We Move Out From Earth

As we move out from Earth we will take our rhythms with us. It is inevitable that humans will drum in Space. That is one of the things that makes humans acceptable to the community of other star races; We swing.
But the current problem of rhythmically programming ourselves to hurt each other is very counterproductive. Again, the drum will help alleviate tension and conflict. It is a mediator tool as well as a meditation tool.
The Ghost Dance was first envisioned by Wavoka the Paiute Shaman. He taught that everyone should dance, to evoke a heightened state of communion with Ancestors. Also Beings of star origin would appear in the fire and around the sacred tree as The People danced and drummed. Interstellar sock hops, baby. We are forgiven our impetuousness at this point because our music is good. Our grooves are heartfelt. But if we lose our preferred status and summarily become discommunicated from the star communities, we will be shunned as we have been in the past. So by playing the grooves that are human and nurturing, we will win a place in the intergalactic grooves hall of fame. It is a survival tool and antidote against digital calcification. We will be virtual but our bodies still need to feel the grooves of life.
Oumuamua, the mysterious intergalactic visitor that so rapidly disappeared from our solar system as soon as we discovered it was the first of many cruise bys to come. Maps to the Stars Homes. They are coming to see where Chuck Berry was born.

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