Critical mind gone awry

One of the epidemics of our age seems to be Anxiety.
Our critical mind has expanded to handle the huge increase in data flowing into our sensory organs- primarily through the smart phones. This sudden expansion of our critical mind has created a monster much like “Little Shop Of Horrors”.
“Feed me, Seymour. FEED ME!”
Our critical mind expanded its territorial domain inside our brains, as an evolutionary step to handle the increase in data coming in. We have not been aware of this expansion because we are inside of it. But it has taken over our lives and demands to be fed more information just like the carnivorous plant in the movie starring Rick Moranis.
People have tried Meditation to try to torque down this out of control critical mind that won’t stop processing information. It will bring up old traumas, fears, injuries, illnesses, worst case scenarios that never happen and culturally programmed panic points to keep itself running and keeping up with the manic data flow that it is witnessing from the culture. It feels that it must speed up because of the quickening tempo of our cultural environment. The soundtracks of our lives have been hijacked by… the drum machine…
Traditional meditation is wonderful but not really up to the task of shutting down this modern busy thinking machine. Rhythm and rhythmic movement is a secret ingredient to slowing down the critical mind gone wild. As we slow down a groove, the critical mind also slows down. We witness the anxiety as outside of our true selves. It helps.

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