Danny’s Head shop was called the Yellow Submarine downtown Clearwater

1969 Danny’s head shop was called the Yellow Submarine downtown Clearwater. The retired wooden orange grove warehouse was immaculately dry and cavernous. It was like playing music inside of  a cello. I highly recommend bands to rehearse in a wooden building. If you can find one. The music caught on fire. We knew we had a great band. The best. The songs were about the people hanging out, “The blind tomato”, or politics, ‘It’s about.” or space opera, Earth by Christiqn, the jazz guru from India and Harlem, Charlies’ “Ring My Bell” worked real good. I wanted to write but I stiflled, focusing on learning. These were good musicians with a wealth of knowledge and experience. The circus grew. Bethlehem Asylum was born, playing at the Beaux Arts coffee house.

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