Dig yourself Baby

The Culture Wars of the Sixties was fought on many fronts. Including the summer Star Spectaculars in Clearwater, Florida. The gorgeous World War II era quansit hut could accommodate five hundred kids, standing or dancing on beautiful hardwood floors that could have been a basket ball court, only bigger. The Beatles had just come out a year before. The gates were open for mor adventurous acts. Enter, from New York City, in a skin tight gold spangled jump suit that left nothing to the imagination. But what really irked the rednecks in the audience was the length of his hair.

“Git a HareKut!” The good ol’ boys were yelling Monti Rock III cruised, danced, minced and boogied to his excellent back band’s New York grooves.

The rednecks were so incensed by the way that Monti Rock III flung his long black beautifully cut hair( he had been hairdresser to the stars) that they pulled out their own greased up combs and threw them at the stage.

“Dig yourself Baby” was the tossed off remark from Monti Rock III

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