Dolphins Like To Give

“Dolphins like to give”

excerpt from “Drummer’s History” by Russell Buddy Helm

copyright 2013 all rights reserved

“Dolphins like to give” said Drummond. He had a handful of tiny perfect shells.  The first dolphin that had been rescued and rehabilitated in the lagoon had put together a pile of shells on the tiny piece of beach in the lagoon. He had gotten Drummond’s attention, so he walked all the way around the lagoon passing through scrub pines, broken pieces of the old Belcher coral rock mansion, by President Nixon’s back door, and out to the stoney barricade that faced Miami skyline across Biscayne Bay. At his feet was the only beach in the lagoon, about a foot long piece of sand that gradually went into the water. There was a pile of shells. The male nudged his nose and the pile danced up onto Drummond’s open palm, as he knelt in amazement.

“Here, take your pick.” Should be good luck.”

excerpt from “Drummer’s History by Russell Buddy Helm copyright 2013 all rights reserved

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