Drum as manifesting tool

In our meditation drumming groups it has become obvious that there is an energy, maybe many different energies generated by the connection of the drummers through the grooves to the higher consciousness of the Universe. One of these energies is a manifesting ray. I remember it being called “conjuring” back when I was a kid in New Orleans and in the South in Florida. This is not a demonic energy. It is based in true love. Love of oneself and love of our fellow beings. Love of God. It is a powerful energy and can be directed quite specifically to get what we want. There is no devil’s bargain here but you do have to be as clear in your thoughts as possible, and that is where the drum comes into play. The meditation grooves that we have been working with keep us in the Light. Keep us in a more pure state of being because the distracting essence of our critical mind is somewhat suspended and we can see more clearly and feel more intently what it is that we desire. I usually do not talk like this because I prefer to keep the drumming on a mechanical level of words but sometimes I can not refrain from getting metaphysical. There is so much going on with the drum that I have to let some of the inspiration come out in the form of words. Some of this inspiration is no doubt coming currently from a book I am reading that was given to me by a good friend in Gulfport, Florida at the Longhouse meditation and body working center, Andrea and Ken gave me a new book simply called “Anastasia” and it is a wonderful inspirational and entertaining book.

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