Drumming for peace

When I left the film/TV business 28 years ago. I was post production supervisor for Dallas, Falconcrest, Knotts Landing, Hunter, etc.The top shows of that era. The only consolation for selling soap opera I had back then was that when we broadcast Dallas worldwide, peopleĀ in Beirut and Belfast and Joburg would stop shooting each other to find out who killed JR. I felt the calling to come back to the drum, but there was no meditation drumming in our culture back then. It had to be created out of thin air. This current production is DIY with no budget. I love working at the grassroots level with nothing but ingenuity and good intentions. A lot of people have participated along the way, and what used to take me a city block full of satellite dishes and an army of personnel can now be done on a laptop with a few button pushes. But content is what always matters. This is a networking of consciousness and good intentions with people all over the world.

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