Drumming healing meditation seminar Saturday August 20 4 til 6

New Location in Santa Monica for healing Drumming!


This is the first of a monthly event where we develop meditation grooves that are very simple yet powerful conduits of inspiration and cosmic awareness. I have been conducting these events around the United States, Europe and in Japan for twenty years with amazing results in enhanced consciousness, body healing, trauma healing, stress removal, self empowerment and all out JOY! Happiness is the nat…ural result of getting in touch with our rhythm. So often our sense of rhythm has been dislocated but the downbeat heartbeat meditation drumming brings us back into alignment with ease and grace. Go to buddyhelm.com for testimonials. Sign up now! $20.00 per person. Sacred Ghana Djembes are provided by Seasons on Montana as well as drum stands for sitting in yoga posture.

Saturday afternoon 4 til 6 $20 drums provided


The Wellness Living Store- the College of Tao

1412 14th Street

Santa Monica, California

(310) 260-0013

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