drumming meditation workshop at Seasons

Watch live video from Buddy Helm Drumming on Justin.tv

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  1. Fedor says:

    i wouldn’t know about dkriumts themselves, but i am more than happy to help with technique and that sort of thing!first of all, great instrument, great choice! i have been playing piano for bout 10 years so it’s not exactly my first choice of instrument, but it’s such a good instrument, and once you start playing, there’s so many different percussion instruments to experiment with and master.also, drummers are so unrated it’s appalling. people think that they can just pick up a pair of sticks and smash the drums coz it’s not hard!’. WRONG! it’s all about co-ordination and it’s a brilliant skill to master with lots of things to do.you could start by familiarizing yourself with the drums, and then understanding the drum music.try little syncopation exercises to get yourself started.in the meantime, let me know how it’s all going.oh and i prefer either 5a or 7a sticks. cheers

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