email question about 7 Essential Grooves

Good morning

Is there any reason I should not use your 7 essential
grooves on a conga? Or does a conga kind of demand
the tumbao style? Also, where does tumbao fit into the
essential grooves?

Thank you very much, R…

Hello Rick,
Good Question. Definitely use the 7 Essential Grooves on the Conga. These grooves are basic patterns that work on any drum. The hand technique may be different but the grooves are universal, So when you understand the basic structures of 4 or 2 and then 3 or 6. Then combine those two in various ways you will use Tumbao as well as many other styles of hand drumming. The tumbao is a pattern that is twice as long as the 7 essential grooves patterns but once you do that doubling in your head you hear the Clave as two measures of the 7 essentlial grooves patterns.
Let me know how it develops.
Thanks for your interest

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