Enki Council Leader hissed, “Your slaves are awake..”


Enki Council Leader spoke with an authoritative hiss, “Your slaves are awake..” The rest of Council waited, “What are you going to do about it?”

The defense attorney spoke with apoplexy. “My clients had no idea. Most of them weren’t even alive four hundred thousand years ago…”

“Yes they were!”  The Enki Council prosecutor corrected with cynical smugness of one with pertinent information about any galactic calamity- but especially about the case of Earth/Adamo versus Pirate Horde Galactics Unlimited. “You had discovered the gold complex and quickly used up all of it in your sectors. Rapacious beyond all scale you collected mercilessly from planets everywhere…but Earth was a peach…a cherry. Untouched deposits of gold that would extend your immortal families far into the distant future. A future that they would control.”

“No!” Defense attorney pleaded. “It wasn’t like that at all! My client arrived on a pristene planet and encountered a hominid ape that showed potential for higher consciousness evolution. We…er… just gave them a job. A purpose.”

“You bred them into slaves!” The Enki Council Leader hissed over pompous defense. “You mixed genetics!”

The defense council ceased to protest. Now they would have to face the wrath of the Enki Council. He refused to concede.

“They have made their own fate.” Defense council concluded dismisively.

excerpt” “History of the Groove, book V” Russell Buddy Helm ©21014 buddyhelm.com  all rights reserved

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