Evolution by Rock n Roll

In the distant future, the greatest contributing factor to evolution of consciousness and enlightenment in the Twentieth Century will be the invention of Rock n Roll. It will surpass the scope and effect of the first Atomic bomb and any other inventions or events of the Twentieth century as the greatest evolutionary force that has propelled humanity forward and upward toward a sentient beinghood. Long live Rock. Why? It reinvents itself on a perpetual cycle of death, stagnation, new flame, growth, maturity, decadence, shallowness, mortality, then the flicker of a new idea with the right beat and it starts all over again. Never ending. This art form has shattered our old concepts of what it is to be human. It has forced us to evolve. The basic groove is necessary, but that is not the whole story. There has to be intent. Rock n roll anthems are always a staple of the next generation of headbangers. Back when music had died, I moved into video and film work in LA, and found myself videotaping a young intense sweating girl in her dressing room at the Whiskey Ago go. She had just finished a set of blazing authentic rock. This was Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  She was the future of rock n roll. “I don’t give a damn about a bad reputation.” put her on the map of rock lexicon for eternity. She pointed her hairdryer at me like a gun and sneered into my lens opening with disdain that bounced around the humid graffitied walls like an ancient curse uttered by the Syble of Delfi. She didn’t like me shooting her in her private dressing room full of her close friends, mostly girls. Tough girls. It felt like a moment hung up outside of time. It could have been Cleopatra’s bath or Lysistrata; women having their say. I felt the power that these girrrrls were expressing. I really liked it. It was the future. But it felt like I was defiling her sacred chambers, surrounded by her vestal virgins. This was not my world. Yet it was being born; the new female consciousness; and it was different. The groove is an evolutionary instrument looking for ways to motivate energy, sometimes having to overcome repression, in an upward movement. Put another dime in the jukebox, baby. The sacred feminine redefining itself.

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