Expanded Cognitive Functioning

Extended Cognitive Functioning

I have noticed that I can do more things with my left hand on the piano than I used to.
Our assumptions are that as we “age” our cognitive abilities slow down. But in a musician’s world, the talent excels up until the musician dies. That is providing that the culture and psychological are in a somewhat ideal state of cooperation. That does not mean that said musician will receive just compensation. My point is, that the part of my brain that has been controlling my left hand has changed. I can now do moving bass lines with a rhythmic contour that generates a swing or funk, or soul or country, or even blues. Primarily New Orleans bass lines. It started with finding a documentary on Allen Toussaint, the world renowned New Orleans composer, producer with numerous hits in his catalog of funkiness.https://youtu.be/mLMI5Oag1nY I saw his left hand move on the keyboard, showing the light touch and solid groove that came from his fingers. It made sense to me in a different way. I wanted to try to play like that. Cathy’s niece was in from Canada and expressed an interest in “Southern music”. So I googled and Allen’s Documentary came up. Since watching the whole thing I have been amazed at how my left has wakened up. It’s as if I finally got the groove down into my left hand. The other reason I may have had this expanding cognitive functioning in my left hand and as a result, my brain controlling my left hand, the belief system that is controlling my left hand. Fear that was controlling my left hand. As I conduct more drumming therapy sessions I am learning about rhythm as a healing medium. I see the grooves help myself and many others. But what intrigues me is the expansion of our consciousness and cognitive functioning through a basic language of rhythm. This healing rhythm is helping us to grow and evolve.

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