Fixing the Glitch in our Conscious-ness

The human brain has been evolving for eons- and its not finished improving itself. But it has vestigial artifacts from early primitive brain patterns.

One ancient brain pattern is our sense of rhythm and it’s relationship to the outside environment.

When we sleep do we hear rhythm? You bet. When we are awake or asleep our system tells us if the environment is safe based on the rhythmic signature of the space our body is inhabiting at that moment. If we are sleeping in a cave and hear a rumble, then our belief system tells our survival system to get up , tense muscles and get ready for something terrible.

If you are sleeping in a five star hotel with sound proofed walls then you are probably not going to send that survival message to your body unless there is an earthquake. Our system has monitored rhythm in the environment since literally the beginning of time. It is how we have survived. Fast tempos mean possible danger, speeding up tempos create adrenaline. Slowing tempos suggest safe spaces and slow tempos ensure healing, meditation and rest.

But there is a glitch in the system. And it has to do with technology. Since Freud came up with the Unconscious about 1896, we have been trying to understand why it works the way it does.  Entrainment is a word coined about the same time also in Vienna. If an object is in rhythm it will affect other objects in its area of influence. The other objects will try to entrain to the dominant rhythm in the environment. And that is why there are powerful rhythmic soundtracks on movies, TV shows and commercials. The rhythms tell us how they want us to feel and we react because we are rhythmic animals. We can’t really help it.

In the beginning this talent to entrain was helpful , the environmental rhythms were slow. Now the rhythms are fast and it is driving us crazy, sick and angry into a headlong rush tripping over our own evolution by pushing too hard, not giving time to what is essential, not listening to our instinctual good sense and often being influenced by some elses’ dysfunctional patterns.


The HelmTone Drum Healing Protocols addresses these condition and many others. This is a patented process developed over the last thirty years to raise consciousness and heal our humanity while evolving us in the right direction toward happiness. There is a certification program or simply one-on-one sessions at our center in Santa Monica, California or on my tours around the U.S. and the rest of the world. Contact us for private sessions. Email us.

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