Florida healing drum tour November 2010

“In 1958 I took a very hard fall onto my left hip during  basketball
practice.  I was carried to the training room examined, whirl pooled, medicated,
and iced, and later x-rayed.  Two days later I played a complete basketball
game.  40 years later the hip started to be very painful after long runs or
walking 18 holes of golf.  I could not stay seated for long periods, hip pain
would wake me at night, and I could not lay on my left side.  The constant use of anti-inflammatories and rest kept me functioning. Yesterday,while working with
our blue light energy I was moving along the profiles of my body as you led
us. My hands moved over my  head, eyes, throat, chest, first chakra and down.
When my left hand past near my left hip I felt light thump cover the palm of my
left hand and only my left hand. In reflection, it seemed as if a palm size area
of my hip formed a bubble that popped up, hit my hand, and disappeared. This, of course, registered, but I immediately became concerned that I was about to hit me head on my drum as I bent to touch the earth. Last night I slept pain free This morning I rolled onto my left side for a good-morning kiss and did not scream.  I have just returned from the golf course and I am still without pain and that feels very very strange ofter all these years.  Keep up the good work.”

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