Georgia Hiway 41

When I was a kid, I rode down to Georgia from Indiana with my mother and my sister. When we came into Georgia, it was a hot day. Somewhere we came along a chain gang working along the road. They were wearing white and blue striped prison clothes and were chained together by the side of the road. They were using machetes, chopping down¬† the “Poke” swamp grass that was growing down in the ditches along side hiway 41. It was only a two lane road back then in 1959. One of the prison inmates looked up and stared at my sister. It gave us all the willies. The guard on a horse was holding a shotgun and wearing sunglasses. I made an oil painting of the road about thirty years later without using brushes. I used only my finger tips and patted the canvas with pigment much like playing a drum. Only very lightly. The canvas made a drum sound. The effect was lush and soft focus. Don Henley bought one of those Landscapes in the shop, Seasons on Montana, one day in 1998.¬† It was a small painting. This one is about four feet wide.


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