Gregg Allman in Century City

Gregg Allman in Century City was a great event for me and a lot of other people. It was like taking a hit of something really good after swearing off of such dangerous activities for many years. His voice was strong. It was almost the same voice he had back in nineteen seventy when my band Bethlehem Asylum opened for them on countlesss occasions all through Florida and the deep south. The Allman Brothers was the first integrated band of any consequence in the deep south. My band was also mixed racially and it was not easy traveling through certain areas of the south. The fact that Gregg is still singing superbly is a testament to the blues as well as his personal initiative. That music is survival music. He still is humble and unassuming on stage except when he sings and then there is no question there is authority. The parts I missed were adequately covered by the guitarist with Gregg and the other players but the lingering bittersweet feelings of the era when it was Duane’s Band still haunt my recollections.The original Allman Brothers band was the greatest blues band in the world.They changed the blues into something new. The intro to Whipping Post got everyone cheering in the strange 11/8 time signature, then it settled down into a basic funk which worked pretty good. But the old days, in the heat of those sub tropical nights back in Florida, that groove went on forever in that otherworldly time and never settled into a safe groove.


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