Heartland teaching schedule of workshops in May

Buddy, can you give me titles and brief descriptions of the specific workshops you plan to conduct at Heartland?¬† We’re getting ready to go to press with the brochure.

Combining good grooves with good intentions.
Finding the right mix of basic and advanced rhythmic patterns with the right affirmations that swing and manifest! This is a fun, easy, empowering drumming process that creates the Safe Space for our intentions to manifest. Creating our protective rhythmic cocoon. Visualizing  rhythmic white light. Verbalize our intentions with rhythm.

Healing using sensual  Orgone grooves.

A rhythmic application to Wilheim Reich’s historic “discovery” of Orgone life energy in the fifties. Drumming as Orgone Accumulator. Curing illness using Orgone. Rhythmic grooves to stimulate Kundalini sex force.

Maintaining Sacred Space quantum drumming .

This is about prolonged grooves that create energy vortex; maintaining relaxation and meditation while drumming. Creating a Coherent Energy Field using the downbeat. Rhythmic intention with stamina.

Afro and Cuban hand drumming together.

How we combine rhythmic traditions to get sacred grooves for our cultural mix. The Clave and Samba combined with Second Line and Funk. The Blues as a healing tradition. Soloing within the arrangement. Speed balanced with feel.

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