hit singles from Shaman Drum Beats CD.

“Eagle Dream” and “Polished Alter Stone” are two tracks on my “Shaman Drum Beats” CD. I’m getting a lot of streams and downloads on most of the tracks on that CD but those two are definitely “National Breakouts” as we used to call a hit single back in the day. These hits are coming in from all over the world. I’m getting my nickles and dimes from CDbaby and itunes, for the plays, which is definitely modest but kinda cool, but I can’t find the tracks on itunes. I’m illiterate when it comes to itunes. Or at best i am slow..willing to learn but the clutch slips…(-: Its fun to imagine people listening to the tracks in U.K. or Australia as well as the US.
How do I search for myself on itunes?
♫ Shaman Drum Beats – Russell Buddy Helm. Listen @cdbaby
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