Holding Fast.

Holding Fast.

Combat Veterans are coming to the drum. They are being called by something that has no name. It has no political agenda.

“Hold Fast, Soldier!”  Has been The Brass’s intentions all along. From the Beginning. The plans of the generals would not be carried out if the soldiers did not hold steady. Wait for the command.

Then when the commitment is made the extreme of letting go is dominant while still trying to remain in control through all the fear.

When warriors come back to the drum, and find their own ability to hold steady, there will be peace. From acceptance.

Stress of holding steady under duress creates a backlog of stress-delayed stress. This then comes out in odd moments where the stress is expressed unexpectedly. Often unobserved by the person themselves. They are used to functioning on a high level of stress.

So by drumming “back in the Pocket” -late to the downbeat, the system finds a way to express and release stress in a relaxed groove.

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