Hyperfocusing in the Helmtone Drum Protocols


In the process of using the Helmtone Drum Protocols to move us through trauma and into a place where our sense of rhythm is restored to wholeness, the phenomenon of hyperfocusing is a useful and easy method of instilling a new belief and a new behavior. Most people have a challenge in meditation because of the constant distractions we encounter in our own lives, both interior and in the outside world. The ideas of meditating on the void, the rhythm of breath, the physical sensations of our bodies, or the mantra given to us by masters are all workable methods, but for our culture the challenge of sitting and “doing nothing” is a difficult chore that can be accomplished sometimes only after long and intense practice. Helmtone protocols is a method for our culture. We need to be doing- that is our nature. The steady relaxed drumming is an activity that works for us because it occupies that part of our awareness that gets distracted easily by present and past episodes.


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Rhythmic Dysfunction

The concept of Rhythmic Dysfunction has been born in the recent years by me because there was no other vocabulary to describe what people were approaching me to help them with. They are sincere, intelligent, talented people with a common occurence: they are disassociated from their sense of rhythm.

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