THE UNIVERSE has an operating system. It is intelligence based on rhythm. When we access this intelligence through the laid back meditative grooves, we get “lucky”. That is the only word that really applies to the grace and good fortune that rains down on us when we drum with the Universe. The challenge is to let go of our “good fortune” and not identify with it. It’s life – Don’t take it personally. When our puny intellect catches a glimpse of the infinite, it usually shuts down. Too much to ponder. But when we go sightseeing in the cosmos with rhythm we are safe and can witness the infinite within a cocoon of coherent energy maintained by the “DownBeat”. This can happen with traditional African drumming if the players are willing to participate instead of compete. Same with Afro Cuban. The rhythms pump the player up and ego gets in the way of the download of universal inspirational insight. That is why after 60 years of drumming and teaching I still use the basic three pattern and the basic four pattern. These are familiar to our cultural mix and work as eternal highways to consciousness. Here’s hoping we don’t get lost along the way.

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