intention drumming

With intention drumming there are more faculties of the human brain being used. Usually we are passively enjoying the entertainment coming at us. We have been trained into the receptive, non assertive state of mind. Some of us are more adept at receiving while others are more talented at telling the world what to do. Using a groove that is convincing but not assertive is the key to making the universe do what we want it to do. This has been a form of trance magic practices all over the globe for all times. We sense when we are in communion with the universe. It could be in any activity. But the shaman drummer comes into the union with the universe in a very receptive way, listening and feeling for how the universe wants to communicate with the drummer.  It is an introductory dance of rhythmic communion with forces that we do not comprehend but feel the need to beseech. Showing respect at this juncture seems to be a requirement. After the initial courtship between the drummer and the forces to be addressed, there is a time when the universe just likes to dance. That is the drummer’s job. After this passage of rhythmic dance time, there comes an opportunity when the universal forces, flushed with excitement after having had a good dance, will grant a favor to the drummer and their community. This is possible because the universe has all the elements of reality and can arrange them howsoever it pleases. There are many ways to look at this relationship between the drummer and the awesome universe at work, by using the groove.
Excerpt: “History of the Groove” Russell Buddy Helm ©2015 all rights reserved

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