Words  and Music Buddyhelm music BMI all rights

Welcome Powers of the East 4 X
Welcome powers of the South 4X
Welcome powers of the West  4X
Welcome powers of the North 4x
Welcome Powers of the Sky 4 X
Welcome Powers of the Earth 4X
Welcome Powers of the Sea 4X
Welcome Powers within Me 4X
Welcome Powers With You 4X
Ahyeaa Ahyeaa Ayheaa Ayheea 4X
Circle Drawn Round  4X
Power Brought Down 4X
Protection Surrounds 4X
Sacred Abounds 4X
Let the Goddess Dance 4X
Aho Wa Aho Wa Aho Wa 4X
Great Spirit Bless our endeavor 4X
Aho Wa Aho Wa Aho Wa 4X
Ahyeaa Ahyeaa Ahyeaa Ahyeaa 4X

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