Latency in music causes schizophrenia

Latency in music causes schizophrenia.

Latency in recording music means that there is a slight lag time between the different instruments on the recording. It is a result of overdubbing different instruments using a digital computer recording system. The delay is about .0009 milliseconds, which varies. But the effect on the human nervous system is  very debilitating. The human DNA is programmed to lock into the dominant rhythm in the environment in order to survive. This fractured recording creates a nervous jiggling or wobbling sensation on the intellectual belief system trying to lock into instruments  and vocals that are slightly out of synch with each other. When digital recording first appeared, the technicians knew there was a delay between the moment that the musician hit the note and the resultant recorded tone on the digital recording system. As the arrangements get more complex, there is more confusing delay. Percussionists overdubbing precise parts started to notice the synch problem first. They would hit the note on a drum while listening to the basic track, and know that it was “in time”. But upon hearing the playback their part was incrementally out of synch. The producers and engineers did not think this was a noticeable effect. It was more cost effective to use a digital recording system than the old fashioned magnetic tape analog recording systems that made all the music rhythmically compatible. That is one reason old music “feels” so much better than the modern stuff. With each overdub, the delay is compounded. The final overdub is so far away from the original basic track that you can hear it when isolating the tracks. I have clients who can feel the difference between 60 beats a minute and then laying it back to 58 beats a minute in order to relax.When digital recording started, most of us couldn’t tell the delay. Like in 24 frames per second of film that was seamless back in the nineteen thirties, but now we see that. Our senses evolve.

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