Leap Day Drumming Feb. 29, 2012

Watch live video from Buddy Helm Drumming on Justin.tvEach moment that goes by is lost forever but still remains in our memories. Sharing the moment preserves the same event through different hearts. We drummed without realizing it was Leap Day and when we were done we felt that it was a special day. And it was. This is a six beat rhythm that is used in most cultures around the world in one form or another. It is one of the essential grooves that all humans move to, heal to, dance to and love to. It also helped me to recover from the jet lag I have from 17 hour flight from Australia. This drumming drew in people from the street who drummed with us for a moment then went on their way-refreshed and inspired. Simple activities in life bring this rejuvenation and energy cleansing without the bothersome intellectual criticisms that usually distract us. Coming to these rhythms repeatedly is like going back to the well of inspiration. It always works its magic on a tired soul. We are refreshed! And the world is a better place. This rhythm does not have to be “good”, or loud, or aggressive. It exists as a song in our hearts. A song is sung with as much feeling as is needed for it to be sung. It is never the same yet always will be the same.

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