Life: Don’t take it personally

This is not about us. This is not about you. This is not about me. So don’t take it personally.

When the shock of that realization slowly sunk in, I needed a crutch to prop up my faith in reality. That’s when I came back to the drum.

Intellectually based therapies are good and are evolving to articulate the newest insights into how personality “works”.

Drumming rediscovers the original language; Rhythm. Every time you hit it. It keeps us in the moment outside of intellectual definitions. That confuses the mind when it discovers that it’s control has been usurped by something as ephemeral as a groove.

But that is what happens every time a commercial plays a musical dittie behind their product. The intellectual mind can get hijacked by rhythms and not even know it.

Groove based theologies and therapies present reality in a different language. Which puts our point of attention outside intellect. This is akin to finally getting out of your car to fix it instead of driving it while you are trying to fix it.


We witness ourselves as outside the critical mind. Something larger than intellect.

There are more things in the universe than there are names.


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