LSD is acid. They are the same thing. This is a realization that many in the current generation of young adults do not grasp; that LSD and acid are the same entity; and what it really was to the Sixties generation. The opening of consciousness is now taken for granted. Without the mind expanding qualities of LSD this understanding of our own operating system would have taken amuch longer to evolve. This nudge to our intelligence was what brought us into a state of universal awareness. The perspective changed from national to global, then to cosmic. These jumps in thinking needed help. The brains that were activated and capable of handling the new ways of perceiving reality were the ones that created the world we live in today. If you were to ask the innovators from the sixties generations, if they had taken LSD, they might lie and say no, but they also might admit that it was a stimulus to their evolution as a person. LSD was legal for a long time, over ten years. It was being used in psychotherapy and subtle energy research at prestigious academic establishments. It was used by Dr. Lilly in his search for dolphin intelligence interface. It was also used as a political tool. The musical world was transformed by the chemical, creating a huge canvas of colorful alternatives to conventional thinking about basic structures of musical form as well as articulating cultural roadblocks to higher evolution. It was like a crowbar on the sewer lid of our consciousness. It had to be pried open. I am not advocating, because this is a different time and the drugs are different and our consciousness is different. When Ram Das left Princeton and journeyed to India, his guru insisted on taking all of the LSD that Dr. Alpert (Ram Das) had brought with him. The guru showed no change in behavior after the large dose. He had control of his mental functions so the drug did not become the dangerous instigator that it has been labeled as. We are looking for a subtle energy that transforms us, that is a yearning in all humans. The Drum has always been a form that uses this subtle transcendental energy. The side effects are nil.

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