Martial Arts Drumming CD

“No second Chance” is definitely the front runner of all my CDs posted on CDbaby and iTunes. Its getting used for soundtracks as well as streams and downloads. I recorded this as a tribute to the greatest martial arts teacher in the world; Guro Dan Inosanto. He is 75 years old and was Bruce Lee’s partner, appearing in all the movies with Bruce. He contacted me through Francis Echinard, a championship French Savat (kick boxing) champion and great slide blues guitar player who had played with me over the years. Dan wanted me to teach him drumming so that he could use it in his training. He is now considered the father of martial arts drumming and heĀ  still teaches mixed martial arts as well as the” little dragons”(kids), Hollywood celebs like Angie, etc, also real people like the SEALS. The drumming CD is being used all over the world to train to, and for who knows what else (-:

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