Midnight Rider

Midnight Rider. No surprise Brother Gregg passed on Memorial Day weekend. The high holy day of bikers. Motorcycle clubs all over the country go on their runs, sometimes totaling thousands of hogs chugging down the highway, headed for a place where they will have a celebration and listen to their favorite band. The Allman Brothers. The song that sums up the rebel outlaw mystique is “Midnight Rider”. Scrawled on vans across the Deep South. and beyond. It is a legacy and an acknowledgement that we are all rebels, and if we could, we would be rumbling down a lone blacktop road on a vintage stiff tail in the middle of a humid Southern night with Gregg and Duane and Berry, Jamo and Butch and all the rest of the Allman Brothers playing “Midnight Rider” in your inner ear and your heart. Free.

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