Mother tottered back from the mailbox

Mother tottered back from the mailbox, She looked at me sternly; the school teacher look.

“Why am I getting a letter from the CIA?”

My heart jumped as we stood in the Clearwater sunshine on our driveway in tract home heaven. I had come back from L.A. to try and reconnect to my family and a life outside of ….that.

“I asked them for information about dad.”

She blew up. She never blew up. “He wasn’t in the CIA!”

“He was in the OSS.”

“No he wasn’t!”

“You were introduced to him by another OSS officer in Philadelphia during the War, the fiance of your college roomate.. You told me that.” I pleaded, “At the Ritz Carlton. He was in his white Navy off…”

“Never mind.” she snapped.


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