My Thoughts Are Separate From Other People’s Opinions

There are a great number of people who are so sensitive that they have trouble distinguishing their inner thoughts from other people’s thoughts and ideas. This is sometimes called being “empathetic”, but the person is actually having a difficult time making a separation in their own minds between what they think they are thinking by themselves and what other people are broadcasting. Sometimes this signal is so strong that the sensitive person picks up the idea and thinks that it is their own idea and they act on it without first checking to see if it is really their own idea. This is a distracting tendency and the advice that I have gotten is to make sure…wait. Be positive that it is an original idea and not someone else’s opinion expressed in a manner that seeps into the consciousness and assumes authority over our own best interest. This drumming mantra is intended to instruct the mechanics of the mind in how to handle this condition. This is part of the Helmtone Drum Protocols Certification program. If you are interested in having one-on-one sessions to address certain conditions like this one and others, please contact us.

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