Non Linear Functionality

Non Linear Functionality

Drumming can trigger non linear functionality in human consciousness. This is one of the next evolutions for humanity; expanding our awareness beyond literal, beyond rationality, past intellectual parameters and around restrictive assumptions. Rhythm defines an outside reality beyond words and intellect. Drummers develop unique problem skills using timing as a dimension. This is a newly activated bio app. Rhythmic holographic constructs are a new paradigm employed by this dormant app that is being activated, now that the rational mind has ceased to be of much use except in three dimensional spheres. The coherent rhythm field is a usable paradigm, again. It was and then was over ruled, but now is coming back because it can decipher reality using equations in time. Time was the missing ingredients in tribal medications. The anthropologist ignored the singing, breathing, dancing, drumming by the shaman when they prepared their brews. Rhythm was and still is our blind side. Those who see the world rhythmically, understand basic truths about our dimension and how it relates to dimensions outside our comprehension.

excerpt: “History of the Groove” Russell Buddy Helm©2015

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