old photo with Christian in Miami 1969

Christian played keyboards in Bethlehem Asylum. This was taken by Ron Sill at a sound check where we played with Jethro Tull at The Miami Sports Arena. Christian was born in Jaipur, India and moved to New York City when he was fourteen years old and played jazz with many of the great musicians of his era. He was without a doubt the greatest jazz keyboardist I have ever played with. He also was a formidable trombone player, jazz flutist and all around musical genius. He taught me so much I will always be grateful to his memory. He was also a Brahmin, born into the religious caste of India. His name was Christian Ghandi and he looked much like Ghandi and his spiritual teachings were as important if not more important than his musical instruction. I was extremely fortunate in having a teacher, musical partner, guru like Robert Christian Gandhi Pac.

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