Old picture requests from Vince Martin

Vince Martin asked to see some old pics of me. Vince recorded a hit song back in 1957 ; “Cindy, Oh Cindy” and he also sang duet with the incredible Fred Neil on the “Tear Down the Walls” folk album. Vince worked in Coconut Grove, Miami with my band, Bethlehem Asylum and we played together at the Grove Pub, and also did a great soundtrack for a ABC documentary called, “They care for the Land” about the Everglades, produced by Steve Fleischman¬† Vince currently lives in Brooklyn. I probably got some fact wrong here Vince, so clue me in. I got to play on Vince’s album at Capitol records in 1972. My first session gig in L.A. Van Dyke Parks, Eric Hord, lots of cool folks on that one. “If the Jasmine don’t get you, the Baybreeze will.”

Buddy Helm in the “Wavettes” Drum and Baton Corps 1960. Elkhart, Indiana

drumcorp buddy helm
Buddy Helm Drum Sargeant Florida 1963


I got back to LA the other night and I went down to Canter’s Deli Sunday night to sit in and sing some original songs on Open Mic night. Bob Stone was with me, he was reminiscing about when he had been the road manager for the Chambers Brothers. Joe and Willie Chambers showed up when I was on stage!. It was a cool reunion.

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