Paralounge part 2

Survival grooves

When the African rumba came across the Atlantic on the Slave Ships, it was transplanting itself into the new world because it was needed: not only by the slaves but also by all people. It was the same six beat that was in Ireland (the jig), the ghost Dance in Native America, the Far East, Mediterranean South America, and Siberia among other places. The point is that these rhythms are common to all humans. This is proof to me that we are all related.

The original rumba became the survival groove that became the Blues. It is particularly strong and powerful. It can be used for a number of different situations. The Blues is not about feeling sorry for your self. It is about getting over it and moving on. It is about the constant changing nature of life. Since we are now facing the specter of our whole planet being used as a slave plantation this survival energy in the groove is particularly important now.

The manifesting nature of the groove is of specific interest to me because I have witnessed it’s transforming aspects in personal and spiritual lives, but also in manifesting material and cultural realities. If we hit the groove correctly, things happen.

The Universe responds to rhythm because it is the basic programming language of reality. Without rhythm, there is no reality. Using these basic simple patterns connects us to the ultimate programming language, our on system and the universal processing core.

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