Peters Ivers at At Sunset

“At Sunset” was an illegal after hours nightclub on Sunset Strip right next to the Whiskey Ago go which was shut down and boarded up. It’s hard to imagine Sunset Strip shuttered but in the early eighties there was not much going on. An entrepreneur, brother of the Roots clothing company creator, got permission to use what had been the old Unicorn nightclub (where Lenny Bruce performed). The back door was the only way to get in and it became the most notorious private nightclub in the US and Europe; the first live video nightclub. There is an article in the French Playboy 1984, about my video crew shooting in the club during the weekend madness. “Beverly Hills 90210” was created there with Brett Easton Ellis hanging out when he was just a typical Beverly Hills high school brat. We had the makings of a late night TV music variety show. All the cable networks were looking for a pilot. The concepts we shot eventually morphed into MTV. We got absolutely nothing but we had a great time. I invited Peter Ivers in to host some episodes. This segment starts with Peter putting his clothes back on after interviewing people while he was naked.

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