Reconnecting to the Groove

Reconnection to the Groove

After Recovery, there is a reconnection to our own rhythmic self. Our own Downbeat Grooves. Our own common sense. But the critical mind is still often holding onto outdated beliefs. These beliefs are triggered by stimulus from the outside world entering through the critical mind’s inputs; Eyes, ears, touch, smell, taste, feelings of all kinds. Who is really managing all of this brain processing? It is not the “I”, because the “I” has been recovering and pretty much not in control. The critical mind is running the show and it is not a sentient being. It is a mechanical evolutionary function of our brain pan. Its a switcher with AI. And when it learns something, it can become hardwired as a response to whatever stimulus is coming in to brain central. What drumming does, is remove the “I” from recovery and put it back in the control seat. The critical mind has to step down, often reluctantly. This is accomplished by slowing down your groove. Little by little the overworked critical mind also slows down, until it eventually shuts off. For a while. It can come back in and break the groove at any time. But again, by laying back the groove, the critical mind is put in a quieter mode. Then the belief system can be adjusted using rhythmic mantras. “I am healed” “I believe in myself” “I am strong.” “I am clean and sober” “I am fearless” Repeat them while hitting your groove for a while and it will seep down into your belief system and become part of you. Then you can start to rebuild your new and better life.

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