Refrigerators and drumming and Heartland

Standing in front of a new refrigerator in the appliances section of Sears. 1962. I was hot and sweaty from drumming and marching all morning every Saturday with the Wavettes, our drum and baton corp in Elkhart, Indiana. We¬† were national champions and we worked hard at it. I opened the large white metal door and felt the cold rush of refrigerated air hit me in the face. But it wasn’t plugged in. Our brains make assumptions; like assuming that we cannot drum. That we are not allowed to be or are incapable of being cool….. Heartland has once again left its impressions on me. I feel a distinct increase in Orgone energy in my system. I am feeling really good and others have commented on it. So this again, is proof that what we generate in that amazing place in Kansas, is palpable and real, and it is very, very good. I am so lucky and blessed. This drumming thing brings good things and good people into my life.

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