Relativity Drumming

“Really?!!! An hour?!! It feels like we’ve been drumming for just a few minutes!”
This sense of temporal displacement is a very real phenomenon in drumming groups. It feels really weird sometimes, when the groove is so good, then we end and a good deal of time has passed, yet we feel like it’s been only a few minutes. Einstein’s theories of relativity prove that TIME can change. It is not a constant in the universe. What affects time? Mass, energy, light, speed, gravity and grooves.
Laurel is a word fairy, weaving enchanting stories that play on words in most unusual ways. She strolled down Montana Avenue, Cathy and I were sitting on the steps in a cooling evening breeze. Laurel and her friend stopped for a quick chat. Laurel exclaimed and her friend agreed, “You both look younger!” They were amazed. I had been suspecting that this type of drumming was doing something with time. When I had drummed with Chuck Berry, he was so youthful it amazed even me. The groove keeps you young maybe because it is a coherent energy field that can displace time. We have no words for this stuff in our culture…. yet.
excerpt: “History of the Groove” ©2015 all rights

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